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Management Policy

  1. We have an unwavering commitment to maintaining our existing operations and growing our business through the ongoing development and expansion of our customer base.

Guiding Principles

  • Pursue profit whilst stringently complying with all laws and regulations
  • Focus on an achievement-oriented culture and the principle of management by a select few
  • Make efficient use of our management resources; namely, people, materials, capital, and information
  • Practice customer-oriented business activities with an eye to international markets
  • Cultivate a corporate culture that encourages and empowers our people to seek out and take on new challenges

About Us

Company Name
Nakae Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Yasuo Nakae, President and Representative Director
Business Activities
Planning and implementation of all forestry projects on Company-owned mountain and forest land, including afforestation (clearing, planting), tree husbandry, (understory clearing, liberation cutting, conservation thinning, pruning), logging (clear-cutting, commercial thinning), sales of logs, building of spur roads (for forestry and forest operations), and management/supervision of related projects

Real Estate Leasing
Management/administration of Company-owned leasehold properties (condominiums, parking lots, lands, detached houses) and development of new properties, in Japan and overseas

Head Office
8F, Sakaisuji Honmachi Center Bldg., 2-1-6 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0053
Phone: 81-6-6271-5612 (Main) Fax: 81-6-6271-5613

Foresrty Division
1207-2, Tai, Tosa-cho, Tosa-gun, Kochi 781-3521
Phone: 81-887-82-0786 Fax: 81-887-82-0788

Tamba Office
10, Hatsunomae, Koyaoka-cho, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto 623-1132
Phone: 81-773-55-0008 Fax: 81-773-55-0925

Gifu Office
439-1, Kajikaobana, Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shi, Gifu 501-4231
Phone: 81-575-67-0800 Fax: 81-575-67-0967

Paid-in Capital
81 million yen
Number of Personnel
Officers: 4
Employees: 22 (10 clerical, 12 field workers)
Organization Chart
Organization Chart
Operational Bases
Forestry Business
Foresrty DivisionForest area: 4,425.95 ha
(3,764.67 ha in Kochi and 661.28 ha in Tokushima)
Tamba OfficeForest area: 1,040.32 ha
Gifu Office Forest area: 991.73 ha
(897.34 has in Gifu, 94.39 ha in Fukui)
Total Forest area: 6,458.00 ha
Real Estate Leasing Business
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Hyogo
Affiliated Companies

United States of America
Sandton International (USA), Inc. (real estate investment)
Sandton New York, Inc. (real estate leasing)
Houghton New York, Inc. (real estate leasing)
Houghton 4321, Inc. (real estate leasing)
Sandton Hawaii, Inc. (real estate leasing)

Czech Republic
Sandton Czech s.r.o. (real estate investment/leasing)

United Kingdom
Sandton London EC1Y Ltd. (real estate investment/leasing)

Sandton Properties Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (real estate investment/leasing)

PT. Sandton Indonesia Pratama (real estate investment/leasing)

Sandton Estonia OÜ (real estate investment/leasing)

Sandton Poland sp. z o.o. (real estate investment/leasing)

Certifications, registrations, etc.

2012 Forests in Tokushima and Gifu
Offset Credit (J-VER) received from
the Ministry of the Environment,
Government of Japan

Registration number: 0164
2015 Forests in Kochi, Tokushima,
Kyoto, Gifu, and Fukui Registered with
the J-CREDIT Scheme by the Ministry of
Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of
the Environment, and Ministry of
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,
Government of Japan

Project number: JCS-PJ00093